Friday, March 2, 2012

Feb. 27 Ultrasound

OK I got some news that I never expected to hear. I would have never imagined that I would be experiencing infertility issues. Although I watch many videos on YouTube, and I know how common it is.  It's still not something you imagine can happen to you.  I found out Monday, February 27th 2012, that I was not ovulating this cycle.  Although I had the pain that I normally associate with ovulation, my ultrasound showed minor sized follicles on a day that should have shown larger "bubbles."  Dr. Fisch ordered a blood test and it confirmed that I had not ovulated early. So we are starting over with a medicated cycle.  I'm taking Provera to start my cycle, and when that starts I will start Clomid.  Wow, I thought being a lesbian would be my only obstacle.  I've been staying positive though, because I know our situation could be worse. 

P.S. Psychic was wrong!

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